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In the same way that PCs and other servers have an identity; printers also have one.
The precise model of the printer will allow you to provide the exact and correct reference taking into account the parameters which differ according to the options present or not on this model.
Here, we are only talking about laser printers and the parts to be replaced for maintenance purposes.




When a message or a maintenance technician's diagnosis prompts you to replace the Fusion Unit, more commonly called the fuser or oven, this indicates a fairly substantial period of use and therefore there is a very high probability that the wearing parts (mainly the rubber rollers) are also damaged; and therefore rather than intervening multiple times to resolve these future failures, manufacturers are expected to overcome these problems by offering maintenance kits.
Generally, these kits comprise the Oven, the transfer roller, different pick-up rollers and other separation rollers sufficient enough in number to restore your printer to good working order, as well as documentation indicating how to change these parts (depending on the manufacturer).


Advantages of the maintenance kit:


- One single intervention
- One cost of the part reduced as against retail purchase
- Safety of use over time without the fear that one of these elements is going to disrupt your tasks.




This is the element which enables, by means of a halogen lamp housed in a roller covered with a non-adhesive material (Teflon or other), the toner to be set on the paper by thermal effect.

Warning: the oven is often at 110 and 220 volts.


LASER OR PRINTHEAD also called Laser Scanner


This is an essential part of the printer which is responsible for each printing point requested by the photoelectric sensitive drum. It is uncommon to have to change it.
Warning: this should not be confused with the laser that scans your documents if your printer is a multifunction machine. This is a scanner model which is completely different from the first.
To summarise: if you need a laser head, please specify its role (if it is internal to the printer or if it is on the upper part of the latter and scans documents).


Transfer Roller


Warning: don't confuse this with the transfer belt or the transfer kit. The transfer roller is a flexible roller and is around 22cm long. It has the role of, through the principle of inverting the polarity of the electric charge, transferring the toner which is in the drum to the paper.
This roller is of course specific to each printer and forms part of the printer's wearing parts.




The pick-up roller or delivery tension roller is a rubber roller which takes the paper from the tray to the inside of the printer where the paper is then dealt with by another transport device.
It may be different depending on the tray from which it draws the paper from.
To help you, here is how to identify the trays on a printer:
The manual or multi-purpose tray is tray 1
The 1st cassette under the printer is tray 2
The second cassette under the printer is tray 3 etc…

SEPARATION PAD also called the decollator


Its role is to separate the sheets when they are picked up from the tray by the pick-up roller and to ensure that only one sheet leaves at any one time.
For the slanting rear paper introduction printers, the most common failure is taking multiple sheets at the start. The diagnosis is simple, the separation pad needs replacing. In this case it is also advisable to change the pick-up roller.
Also for the pick-up roller; again, specify which tray this refers to.


For the other parts, whether the field is the plastics, the mechanics or even the electronics, a good definition accompanied by the identity of the printer will allow us to definitively respond to your request.

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