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Find all your genuine HP batteries for laptops

We ship all you batteries in max 72h throughout France, with very competitive prices.

Laptop batteries have a limited life and after a few years they gradually lose their power. Li- Ion batteries work for 300 charging cycles and then loose 80% of their power slowly by the time.

Tips to increase the battery life of your laptop:

> To recharge only  80 % of the max load, only few  computers ( this is never clearly noticed )  stop charging to 80 % automatically (Apple always) in order to extend life time of your batterie
> To not completely discharge yur batterie, and do not recharge too often ...

All of it is not convenient ? The ultimate choice would be .. to remove your battery from your laptop (once recharged) ! But this is still less convenient on some laptop .. so what?
Just use it normally ! Do not worry about your life battery, and use it comfortably still then ... save less than a hundred euros for a new and original battery and your laptop will leave for several years again!

Note: for 600 € on average investment for a laptop , why not get advantage of the comfort of a new and original battery every 3-4 years ? Over 8 years your laptop will probably be out of date!

How to find the right reference number for your batteries?

CAUTION: The laptop's product number is useless to find the right kind battery for HP batterie, HP do create different models and different options depending on the year  for the same range of laptop!

Simple exemplewith an origina HP batterie for NoteBook

numéro de référence de batterie HP en pièce détachée

You generally have two numbers on the HP battery :

> commercial number,
> spare parts' number ,

Usually your can buy a new battery for you recent laptop, you'll find it easily online with a commercial reference, -for example- F4809A which is printed on the battery . After a few years this commercial reference will change to a spare parts' number and becomes something like:
P / N 361742-001

eParts can ship all your HP genuine batteries at competitive price in 72H max!

Whats are benefits to buy HP products:

> HP genuine limits risks and batteries are rigorously tested for quality and safety.
> Life is optimal
> You get the warranty (1 year ) official manufacturer
> The documentation is clear and precise, and fits perfectly  to your laptop
> HP calling support 24/7j

How to find and buy HP batteries with ?

Référence produits Nom de produit Référence secondaire
AT901AA HP 5100 Series 6-Cell Li-Ion Primary Battery  
AU213AA HP 3-Cell Long Life Battery 582033-001
BJ803AA HP 9 Cell Li-Ion 2500 Series Battery 593587-001
BQ350AA SPS-BATT 6C 47WHr 2.2Ah LI PH06047 593572-001
BQ352AA HP FL06 Notebook Battery (6cell primary battery 53)  
BS554AA HP AV08XL Notebook Battery (8cell primary battery 592078-001
BS555AA BATTERY (PRIMARY) 412789-001 411126-001 593585-001
BS556AA HP OT06XL Notebook Battery (6 cell primary battery  
EH767AA BATTERIE LI-ION 6 CELL NC6400 411126-001
H4A44AA HP MI06 NB Battery - 2170p 6cell battery  
H4Q46AA HP RC06XL Long Life Battery 4340s  
H4Q47AA HP BT04XL Long Life Battery 9470m  
H4Q48AA HP BA06XL Long Life Slice Battery 9470m  
H6L25AA HP OD06XL Long Life Notebook Battery (Revolve)  
H6L26AA HP FP06 NB Battery (ProBook 450, 470) - 6cell  
H6L27AA HP FP09 NB Battery(ProBook 450, 470) - 9cell  
H6L28AA HP RA04 Notebook Battery (ProBook 430) - 4cell  
KU531AA BATTERY 6 CELL Li-Ion 486296-001
NZ375AA HP 8-Cell Primary Battery (4510s, 4515s, 4710s) 535753-001
QK639AA HP ST09 Extended Life Notebook Battery (Secondary) 634089-001
QK640AA HP BB09 Ultra Extended Life Notebook Battery 634087-001
QK641AA HP VH08XL Long Life Notebook Battery - 8560p/w 632425-001
QK643AA HP CC09 Notebook Battery - primary 9cell battery 631243-001
QK645AA HP SX09 Notebook Battery - 2560p 9cell 632423-001

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